I HAVE to Exercise Versus I WANT to Exercise

These are two completely different dynamics in your head. One gives resistance and the other flows. You can even feel it in your body as you say it.

Successful people eliminate resistance anywhere they can.

People who have gone from out of shape to great shape- and have retained it over a long stretch of time have turned their have to into a want to. 

You can fight yourself into exercising every day, or you can flow into exercise daily. That’s the true art.

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On Getting Started With Diet and Exercise

On Getting Started

After years of complacency, you’ve gotten yourself fired up to take action – she cheated on you, your pants don’t fit, and you’re getting winded lugging that 20 pound spare tire up a flight of stairs at the Thai massage joint. You just hit that mental pain threshold like a Mack truck, and shit has got to change right NOW.

You hear the voice of your conscious and unconscious discussing the next move.

I want to lose this fat and gain some muscle. The answer is diet and exercise, right? Need to burn off calories. I’m going to hit the treadmill 5 days a week for 45 minutes and the other two days I’ll do High Intensity Interval cardio to really ramp up my metabolism. I gotta do crunches too, women love abs. And arms. 10 sets of curls, superset them with triceps extensions.  And I gotta diet and stop eating crap. Low carbs baby. Paleo? Nah, Atkins. Super low carb, it’s hard core and you lose weight so much faster.


Keep your diet and exercise simple and focused. Once you build that foundation, you can add the fancy stuff.

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Boosting Your Resources for When Life Steps In

To be successful in anything in life, you need the energy, strength, flexibility, focus and hunger to make things happen.  And, just when things are moving along nicely, some facet of life will inevitably stress-test you. Here are some key resources to build now, so you can respond to stress from a strong and balanced stance, and minimize setbacks and downtime.


Strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons (sure-up your weak points).

Maintain reasonable to optimal body fat levels.

Incorporate exercises for energy and flexibility.


Solid psychology (get a deep understanding of your rules, values and beliefs).

Managing your emotions.

Resilience and rigorous accountability.


Strengthen the bond with family and close friends.

Get a deeper understanding of their rules, values and beliefs.

Fill yourself with gratitude and employ empathy.


Start saving now, and take advantage of compounding interest.

Learn to balance your investments properly for short and long term growth and to minimize loss.

Get curious about different forms of income, find a mentor, and build networks of business relationships.


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Don’t Set Bullshit Goals

The concept of having a goal(s) is crucial. How else would you be able to set a plan to get what you want? 

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The body you’re in right now…

Wherever you are in ANY facet of life, for that matter- is the culmination of the last 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, 30 years.

Your body.

Your financial situation.

Your relationships.


What if you had started 3 months ago, where would you be now? Depending on the endeavor, 3 months can be enough to make massive strides, or it could barely be enough to scratch the surface of the goal. That’s why the best time to start is right now.

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