On Getting Started With Diet and Exercise

On Getting Started

After years of complacency, you’ve gotten yourself fired up to take action – she cheated on you, your pants don’t fit, and you’re getting winded lugging that 20 pound spare tire up a flight of stairs at the Thai massage joint. You just hit that mental pain threshold like a Mack truck, and shit has got to change right NOW.

You hear the voice of your conscious and unconscious discussing the next move.

I want to lose this fat and gain some muscle. The answer is diet and exercise, right? Need to burn off calories. I’m going to hit the treadmill 5 days a week for 45 minutes and the other two days I’ll do High Intensity Interval cardio to really ramp up my metabolism. I gotta do crunches too, women love abs. And arms. 10 sets of curls, superset them with triceps extensions.  And I gotta diet and stop eating crap. Low carbs baby. Paleo? Nah, Atkins. Super low carb, it’s hard core and you lose weight so much faster.


Keep your diet and exercise simple and focused. Once you build that foundation, you can add the fancy stuff.

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