You’re a Man on a Mission. Burst in Like Jason Bourne and Demand it.

She laughed as she smothered me with her silicone-enhanced tits. Maybe it was the quickness with which I tapped out and signaled defeat, or the embarrassing muffled gurgling noises I was making while suffocating under all that impressive womanhood – I can’t be sure. It wasn’t the most humbling thing I’d done in the name of self-development, but was certainly the most…interesting.

You see, I have a serious problem. I’m addicted to dangerous things. And a triple B (you know, beautiful, buxom, blonde) 6’4″ dominatrix with enough jujitsu training to seriously kick your ass in every physical way possible is the very embodiment of dangerous.

It’s because danger makes me feel truly alive.

I love feeling awake and alive. I want to be turned on. Bright and shining. And I love to spread that feeling to others.

Because I have an allergic reaction to settling.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among my friends, colleagues, and clients. Too many of them suffer from the slow burn of life extinguishing their inner fire. (Tell me if you recognize this.)

For most of us, our early life consists of a series of little wins that accumulate over time. We learn new skills, befriend new people, have new experiences. And our outlooks reflect that. New horizons every day. Each day greets you with promise and possibility, and you rise with each challenge. Full of fire, full of energy.

And then, we’re told to get stable. Get secure. Society tells us to settle down to start a family, settle in with a secure job, and before long, you’re settled.

Except inside, you feel anything but settled.

Because what used to be a white-hot furnace of freedom, promise, and passion has ebbed away over time into cooled embers hidden under layer upon layer of ash. That gnawing feeling inside you? It’s the memory of that bright star of potential you were, desperately trying to claw its way back to the surface of your consciousness, yelling, kicking, and screaming for you to wake the fuck up!

Until the next episode of Game of Thrones. Pass the kale chips, will ya?

It’s not wrong to want for stability. You want to know you’ll be able to pay your bills, of course. But sameness breeds staleness, and before long you find yourself stuck smack dab in the middle of an unremarkable life.

As human males, we strive for sameness. But as human beings, we THRIVE on change.

So what do you do, short of dumping your whole life and starting over? Maybe you’re happy with where you’ve gotten to so far, but you used to be a little sharper, a little quicker, a little more…hungry? Maybe it’s time to feed that hunger a bit.

The good news is that you don’t have to blow up your whole life. You don’t have to dump the wife, the job, the friends, per se. But there is one thing you do have to dump, asap. That’s the old you. On a very fundamental level.

Every action we take is a set of instructions to our inner mind. And the message it gets when we allow ourselves the “luxury” of falling into physical ruin? “I don’t matter – least of all, to myself”.

If you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect anyone else to respect you?

Here’s a dirty little secret: The fastest way to change your life? Is to change YOU. The physical you. Maybe it’s because it convinces your mind that change is possible, and that change happens when you take things into your own hands.  And when new physical horizons open up, when you begin to walk through the world with confidence and power, then so much more becomes possible.

You begin to step into the shoes of a man, fully-formed, and you begin to etch your mark on the world. You’re a man on a mission.

What if you could magnify your presence and impact tenfold at your job – and with her- this month, just by tweaking your daily routine? A new year is upon us and it’s time to emerge from the middle of the pack and make a bold statement.

The Man on a Mission Workshop is a distillation of our best strategies to fan the flames of physical improvement. Designed to fit into the busy schedules of the modern man. With a healthy smattering of the right mindset, to insure you actually reach your goals. Because life lives in the mundane everyday – you just have to find it.

We are going to launch the full workshop program later this year, but if you want to grab the distilled book-version now in a neat digital format (PDF) that you can read on the morning commute and get a head start on 2016, you can do so now.

Details here:

As this is a soft launch, we will be taking payment through PayPal and we will personally email you a copy within 12 hours. At the bottom you will see a link for Mike’s PayPal.

You’re a man on a mission. Burst in like Jason Bourne and purchase your copy now for 24/7 access to our success playbook and cheat codes for physical presence and energy to enjoy powerfully strong business and personal relationships, and gain an unfair advantage in the *ahem* romance department.

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