The body you’re in right now…

Wherever you are in ANY facet of life, for that matter- is the culmination of the last 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, 30 years.

Your body.

Your financial situation.

Your relationships.


What if you had started 3 months ago, where would you be now? Depending on the endeavor, 3 months can be enough to make massive strides, or it could barely be enough to scratch the surface of the goal. That’s why the best time to start is right now.

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“What Should I Eat?” Healthy Eating Ain’t THAT Hard. Grab a Shovel.

Got yer shovel in hand? Good.
Now scoop up all the bullshit you’ve been spewing about how you can’t eat right and exercise, and throw it off the roof. Make sure it hits the neighbors’ constantly-yapping Chihuahua.

Payback for years of lawn abuse.

Open your eyes so I can show you what to eat, cause’ healthy eating ain’t THAT hard.

From the unofficial life tips handbook:

Consistent exercise keeps your mind sharp and gives you energy to carry out the physical activities you enjoy doing.

Healthy diet plans keep your body fat in check, bringing you closer to six pack abs and makes you look better in clothes (and without clothes).

No Kidding?

If you’re just getting into the game for the first time, or just need a kick-start to eating healthier…

How to Start Eating Healthy

Eat a decent amount (about the size of a deck of cards) of lean protein at each meal and add a fibrous vegetable such as broccoli, spinach or asparagus to at least 2 of those meals each day. (We tell you exactly which proteins and vegetables are best in Body Fat Sniper, If you haven’t yet scooped up your free copy yet- get it here).

Protein is the backbone of every cell in your body and is involved in everything from keeping your metabolism running hot to building lean muscle tissue. Fibrous vegetables will provide valuable antioxidants as well as fiber to keep you feeling full and avoid over eating.

Maximize Nutrient Value and Minimize Insulin Release

Focus on those foods that maximize nutrient value and minimize insulin release. That would be meat, leaves, and berries.

diet chart for eating better


If it Comes in a Shrink-Wrapped Box with a Free Toy Inside, Don’t Eat It

Eat foods that are minimally processed and as close to their original state as possible. Heavily processed foods are stripped of nutritional value and provide empty calories while putting your insulin levels on a roller coaster ride. Packaged foods tend to be loaded with salt or sugar and can stimulate hunger- resulting in you eating more. Usually way more.

The foods you eat on a consistent basis dictate how much weight you lose and how fast you lose it.

Become the Alpha with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3’s are an essential nutrient that have been shown to have a positive impact on almost everything in the body. They’ve been shown to have a positive impact on everything from bone health to brain function, mood improvement, joints, skin, hair and nails.

Even more impressive, Omega-3’s play a role in lowering blood pressure, pain and inflammation and in battling diabetes, heart disease and certain forms of cancer.

How much do you need daily? Current research shows 1.5 grams on the low end to 3 grams at the high end. Fish oil is usually sold as liquid or in capsules. EPA/ DHA are how Omega-3’s are commonly referred to on the label.

Many fish oil capsules on the market provide 120 mg of EPA and 180 mg of DHA for a total of 300 mg’s of Omega’s. In this case you’d take 6- 10 capsules daily with meals.

I know some people who take the whole amount in one shot, but most of my clients who take the capsules prefer to space them out over 3 meals- 3 with breakfast, 3 with lunch and 3 with dinner.

With that said, I’m a big proponent of the liquid form made by Carlsons. You can get it in lemon or orange flavor and you don’t really taste fish at all (they deodorize the oil). Capsules tend to give you a fishy after taste and some people get indigestion.

Drink Your Water

By remaining hydrated (drinking more water) you will have more energy, think clearly and perform better at the gym. You’ll also recover faster after a workout and reduce your chance of injury. Have a glass of water before you go to bed at night and you should find you have increased energy when you wake up in the morning.

Keep calorie laden beverages like juices, soda and specialty coffee drinks out of the house. All they do is rack up calories and body fat.

and don’t forget to MOVE!

You don’t need a high-intensity workout every day, but on your days off from the gym you should still get some lower intensity activity in. (3-5 days of moderate to intense exercise is sufficient).

Even if it’s a simple 20 minute walk around the block after dinner, or playing with the kids. The health benefits are immense. And, not to mention those extra calories burned on a simple walk add up over time.

Now, go enjoy life! (clothing optional).

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Stop Looking and Feeling Like an Old-Ass Man. Grab Your Nunchucks.

Slow down time…

We all wish we could, but it just ain’t gonna happen.

However, we may be able to slow the aging process a bit with antioxidants.

In recent years, fitness enthusiasts have started to take note of how antioxidants could be beneficial to health and performance. Antioxidants are nutrients and enzymes that fight free radicals, which are charged molecules that roam around like rogues.

We don’t like rogue molecules.

These stealth ninja’s circulate in your body-they basically go around screwing up the function of cells and other molecules that move in the blood.

Antioxidants Are Your Secret Nutritional Nunchucks

Some experts believe that free radicals are involved in numerous diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease, and that they are associated with the aging process, even resulting in death.

Scientific research has indicated that strenuous exercise (the good stuff) increases the amount of free radicals; thus many sports nutrition experts are recommending increased antioxidant protection and a sweet pair of nunchucks for avid exercisers.

What Are These Prized Antioxidants?

Some examples of effective antioxidants include Vitamins C and E, carotenes (like beta-carotene), glutathione, CoQ10, N-acetyl-cysteine, selenium, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

These antioxidants may help your body prevent free-radical damage that could ultimately lead to a decrease in performance as well as boost immune-system function to keep you going strong, strengthen collagen, and protect connective tissue cells.

On top of that, Alpha Lipoic Acid is a multi- faceted compound and may help you improve the action of insulin, safeguard cells against free-radical damage, increase energy production in your muscles and decrease fat storage in your body.

Where Do I Obtain These Antioxidant Foods Nutritional Nunchucks?

The best way to get them in your diet is through eating natural food sources such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, peppers and garlic.

On the sweet side, fruits and berries- blueberries, cranberries, plums, goji berries, and watermelon. These sources are more complete in that they often contain phytonutrients and other substances not contained in the isolated supplement types.

If you’re like me and get lazy sometimes with the prep of these fruits and vegetables, but still want to get the benefits, Trader Joe’s makes some pretty solid blends- Super Greens and Super Red powder. 1 scoop in water, tastes ok, benefits are great.

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Still Hiding Hairy Man Love Handles Under Your XXL T-Shirt?

She runs her fingers down past your chest past your belly and love handles.

She giggles and you push her hand away.

That is a bad sign.

Shit happens.

You get in a slump. You can’t get motivated.

You get tired and lazy.

You stop caring about the way you look.

You used to be rebellious and tenacious. Now the only thing that’s tenacious is the rumbling in your stomach from that questionable burrito at lunch.

The good news is, we’re here to help with our guide on:

How to Get Rid of Love Handles.

We all have a little imaginary thermostat in our brain that pings when you get a bit too close to “too fat”. It’s usually signaled when your pants get too tight or you see something extra you haven’t noticed before in the mirror.

At this point one of two scenarios usually play out. The first scenario is scrambling behavior. The second scenario is you buy bigger clothing.

Either way, you’re hiding a embarassing muffin-top under your XXL T-Shirt and you need to know…

how to lose love handles guide

I’ll deal with the second scenario first. This is where you acknowledge that you’re reaching the “too fat” point, but take on a mindset that says “it’s ok”. There are multiple versions of this mindset from “I’m ok with it, I’m a guy” to “it’s not that bad”; and you decide to buy bigger clothing.

losing love handles requires a higher standard and motivation

The “it’s ok” mindset is the worst possible mindset to have. It causes you lower your standards for yourself and takes the fight out of you. This is the mindset that greases the slide to gaining a lot of weight in a short period time. I’ve had many consultations where guys have shared stories of their weight truly spiraling out of control and when you finally wake up from the “it’s ok” state, you’re fifty or a hundred pounds overweight but you don’t know how you got there.

Adopting a mindset that says it’s ok undermines your internal drive. Not only do you find yourself down the river without a paddle in terms of having gained weight, but it fuels the demise of all your health markers. If you find yourself in the “it’s ok” mindset right now, it’s time to shake the foundation.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Scrambling

The second and more common response to the “too fat” signal of your imaginary thermostat is scrambling behavior. This means that you will fight and scrap and do whatever it takes to lose a few pounds to get back to where you think you should be. This isn’t from statistics on your doctors chart. This is your internal feeling of where you should be in terms of your self image. You know when you feel and look good.

Scrambling is like a ball of energy that kicks you into gear to do whatever it takes to get back to where you want to be. Scrambling can be beneficial to getting rid of love handles when you channel the energy into a strategy following the triad of effective fat loss– nutrition, resistance training and cardio.

Unfortunately if you don’t have a proper game plan on hand, scrambling behavior can also open your mind up to some questionable tactics like the popular crash diet of the moment or over exercising.

What to do?

Scrambling is not a comfortable, pleasant feeling. It’s not necessarily a bad feeling, but it’s an urge to move. An urge to make something happen. As with so many other things (like when you’re starving, logic goes out the window and you eat that pizza), when you reach a scrambling point, you’re going to reach for whatever is available and will make the most impact.

The secret is to anticipate and make a better decision.

Look: the most important play in the waistline-slimming, love handle burning playbook is creating a caloric deficit.

a slimmer waistline requires creating a caloric deficit

You know, good ol’ taking in less calories than you burn each day. When you do this over the course of a week- to a month, everything changes. Your clothes feel loose, your waist shrinks, and you take the belt in a few notches.

You may even need to buy some new clothes. And send those over sized t-shirts she gives you crap about to the Salvation Army.

Most people report a simultaneous boost in energy levels as the weight starts to fall off. Is it the result of simply having less weight to carry around? Or is it the benefit if simply eating less junk?


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Michael Phelps Eats 12,000 Calories a Day and is Ripped!

Caution: 99.9% of the time you find me in a pool it’s because I’m cooling off on a hot day.

Usually with a cold beer in my hand.

Sometimes Corona. Sometimes a Sierra Nevada.

And some form of shenanigans are going on.

However, we get asked if swimming is the best exercise to tone up and lose weight quite a bit. So I will toss in my two cents.

Swimming has some phenomenal benefits. It’s great for increasing flexibility and flushing out the soreness from a tough workout. You also work the body through a broad range of motion in a very low impact way, which your joints will thank you for.

My favorite benefit of swimming is the relaxation and focus you get from the deep rhythmic breathing.

That being said, if you need to lose weight quickly, I wouldn’t swim as the sole exercise to get lose a few pounds. Your program should have a solid resistance training foundation, and then you can add swimming for cardio as an extra calorie burner.

Here’s why.

Your main goal is to lose weight and get lean. Assuming your diet (the biggest factor in getting lean) is dialed in, that leaves exercise.

The exercises that will crank your fat burning gauge to maximum speed; the ones that will increase your metabolic rate the most, are the resistance exercises.

The reason is that not only do you burn a great number of calories during the workout itself, but the metabolic changes that occur because of the workout (increased cell turnover, muscular recovery, hormonal spikes, etc) have your system churning and burning calories until the cows come home.

If they do indeed come home I hope you have a big lawn, I hear they eat a lot of grass.

Another bonus of resistance training is that the increased muscle mass gained from the rebuilding phase of resistance training raises your metabolism and keeps it up even when you’re done exercising.

For this reason, I’d make resistance exercise the backbone of your weight loss program.

Swimming is a fun, relaxing activity. If it’s your favorite form of cardio, then go for it- in addition to the big dogs (resistance exercises), not instead of them.

But… Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day!

He was also training six days a week for five hours per day.

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