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Our original fat loss program that we put together to answer some of the most common questions and challenges from our personal clients.

Fast forward several years to the beginning of MCNewsletters in 2006. In the early days of the newsletter, many of the questions that came in were about which diet and exercise books we’d recommend? Many people felt that the mainstream books were too long and they were running out of motivation, or there was too much scientific jargon or concepts.

So, we set out to turn our notes for our personal client program into an easy fat loss program for you- our “extended client”, online.

We solved a lot of the common challenges by formatting the book in bite sized chunks, and stripped out any unnecessary “science speak”. The book is also laid out in a way that you can flip to any page and get a nugget of actionable info to use right away.

The program is the compilation of 28 years of experience and countless hours of research. The end result is 61 of the most effective and easy to use weight loss techniques.

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    We show you how to:

    • Crush late- night cravings with our simple Omega Techniques
    • Strategically switch foods in and out during the day to lose fat at a comfortable pace
    • Master the 3 Disciplines of a Flat Stomach
    • Breakthrough the morning “blah’s” and energize immediately- even without coffee
    • Use 3 of the most powerful drugs are already in your body. We tell you what they are and how to manipulate them to your advantage in burning off body fat
    • Use 2 simple tricks to tighten and tone your stomach when you’ve only got a week to get ready!
    • Master the art of “eying” food and choosing what’s right for you
    • Breathe properly to lose fat and how not breathing properly can actually put a dead- stop to your fat loss efforts
    • Release an often over- looked fat burning chemical already produced in your body and how to increase it- QUICKLY
    • Maximize Negative Calories for incredible fat loss
    • Use the fat on your belly, butt, arms or thighs as fuel for your workout
    • Unlock the potential of fat burning- while sitting at work
    • Interpret the little known about signals of fat loss and why you NEED to know them

    Your Purchase Is 100% Protected

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We’re so confident that you’ll love Black Book of Secrets that we’re offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. Give it a try for 60 days and if you haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for, then we haven’t earned your money. Simply let us know and we’ll happily refund your purchase in full.


    If You…

    • Don’t have to time to go to a gym

    • Would rather work out from the comfort of home


    Make some space in front of your computer or in your living room (or your backyard if you have one)


    Because we cover lots of important stuff like:

    •  The 3 body weight exercises that work you head to toe so effectively you may never join a gym again… In fact you can get up and do them right now!
    • The ONE thing you must never do if you are trying to lose body fat (Hint: it’s a major factor why 99.9% of gym members look exactly the same year after year)
    •  How too much exercise can cause a cascade of negative hormones to flood your body and turn off the fat loss process
    • Speed up your fat loss when you’re overweight by 30 lbs or more
    • 3 powerful tricks so strong that you should ONLY use them twice per week
    • Mobilizing fat efficiently BEFORE a workout to be burned DURING the workout
    • What 90% of (well-intentioned) personal trainers do that literally sabotages their clients’ fat loss program
    • The exercise LIE that will surely derail your fat loss efforts and have you spinning your wheels workout after workout
    • How to DECODE your body type for optimal energy and fat burn
    •  How the way you THINK can add flab to your midsection (Hint: this has nothing to do with your diet)


    And we’ve got you covered on eating to support the weight loss:

    • 2 Foods you can eat BEFORE going to a fancy restaurant to reduce the damage
    • The 7 POWER foods that should always be in the cabinets
    • The 2 GOLDEN food combinations and the 1 food combination that having at even 1 meal can ruin a weeks worth of hard work (you could be eating this combination often)
    • The 7 best snacks you can eat at ANYTIME to actually create a fat loss environment
    • Why NOT eating can actually force your body to store fat
    • 2 Foods you can eat BEFORE going to a fancy restaurant to reduce the damage
    • What liquid to take a shot of *before* you go for drinks with your friends

    Again, let me tell you exactly how this works. When you click the purchase link below, you’re taken to our secure checkout page. We accept all credit cards, PayPal, and eCheck. Once you enter your payment details, you will be taken to the download page, where the Black Book of Secrets (and several very valuable bonuses that help track your progress) can be downloaded and saved to your computer.

    Black Book of Secrets can immediately be opened and read. The entire process from payment to reading the first lines of the book is about 4-5 minutes.

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