Black Book of Secrets is brought to you by the editors of MCNewsletters; slingin’ insights for Men on a Mission.

Mike Collins and Eugene Thong create the blueprints to help busy men transform their physical stature and energy levels from the drudgery of the daily grind to a powerful presence- and have more time to enjoy it.

What if you could magnify your presence and impact tenfold at your job- and with her- just by tweaking your daily routine?

Making Your Presence Felt
One thing is certain- commanding physical presence and energy immediately influences your interactions. But, tenacious hours, unrelenting deadlines and endless “Five Dollar Foot Longs” are sucking the vitality out of your veins like a vampire. Your luke- warm resolutions to “eat right and exercise” disappeared as quickly as a morning donut and created a gap between where you are, and where you want to be. Willpower doesn’t work.

We show you how to easily apply basic principles and reinvent yourself as tireless powerhouse.

Backed by a Combined 30 Years in the Trenches
For over three decades combined, we’ve helped busy people (with more of life’s responsibilities on their plate than they can handle) transform their body: {functionally, aesthetically, and energetically}. A seasoned background in nutrition and exercise science, combined with the development of Eugenization and MCNewsletters and execution of several top selling programs we have an unprecedented understanding of what it takes to create massive changes when you’ve got limited time. You’ll sculpt a lean body to look good in a shirt {or without}, and build reserves of energy and endurance to execute using our…

Flexible “Swiss Army Knife” Approach
The Swiss Army Knife is a “compact and sturdy knife that offers many functions combined in a single tool”. Perhaps one of the most valuable and versatile tools in the world, we’ve modeled these attributes to help you easily navigate time, place and taste challenges. You have at your fingertips- strategies to quickly and efficiently produce results- without a gym or equipment.

As a Man on a Mission, you’ll also have the high octane fueling up playbook with eating strategies for fat burning sleight of hand, and our In the Trenches Survival Guide to help keep your swagger.

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